Buddhism: Cornerstone of Burmese Life

RAN 111-201
  • Interacting with monks and novices
  • Socially responsible activity
  • Q & A section with Head monk
Program Overview
Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Depart: 11/05/2017 0800
Return: 11/05/2017 1330
Duration: Half-Day
Difficulty: Moderate
Capacity: Min 11 / Max 50
Category: ILLUMINATE: History / Culture
Program Fee
$149 (early booking: $141)

Field Class Conflicts
  • PHIL 372 Meaning & Truth in Religion

Myanmar’s long years of isolation have left it one of Asia’s best preserved religious centers. Buddhism is the cornerstone of Burmese lifestyle; the monastic population in Myanmar exceeds 250,000.  Visit a monastery to attend a discussion with the head Monk on the art and importance of meditation in the Buddhist religion. After the discussion, the Monk will lead a guided meditation session, allowing you to experience this daily practice of the monks. Next enjoy a visit to one of the largest Monasteries in Myanmar. In his lifetime a Myanmar man is expected to spend some of his life serving as a Monk to learn the ways of Buddhism. Each morning Yangon is scattered with thousands of Monks roaming the streets collecting Alms for their meals. According to Buddhist beliefs Monks only eat twice a day, early morning and mid-morning. When families make a donation to the Monastery, they are able to serve the Monks their food in order to gain merit. Today, a donation will be made to allow voyagers to participate in the morning ceremony and help feed the Monks their final meal of the day. After the ceremony, take a tour around the Monastery to observe the everyday life of the Monk. After the sightseeing, stop at one of the local restaurants for lunch and taste local food.

Meals Included


Special Note

Please note: guests are required to remove both shoes and socks when entering all religious sites. (this is non-negotiable!)