Fall 2019: Canals and The Atlantic

Fall 2019

Canals and The Atlantic

Administrative Team


  • Humberto Barreto

    Discipline: Economics Professor DePauw University
  • Brad Brown

    Discipline: Commerce Associate Professor University of Virginia
  • Ingrid Bianca Byerly

    Discipline: Ethnomusicology Director of Humanitarian Challenges Focus Program and Senior Lecturing Fellow Duke University
  • Colleen Ballerino Cohen

    Discipline: Anthropology Professor, Anthropology and Women's Studies Vassar College
  • Brennan Davis

    Discipline: Marketing Associate Professor California Polytechnic State University
  • Ahmed Deif

    Discipline: Engineering Assistant Professor California Polytechnic State University
  • Kim Euell

    Discipline: Theatre Playwright in Residence University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Mary Harris

    Discipline: Food Science and Human Nutrition Professor Colorado State University
  • Simon Hudson

    Discipline: Hospitality and Tourism, Commerce Director of Center for Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development University of South Carolina
  • Kate Huyvaert

    Discipline: Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • Private: Baruti N. Kopano

    Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication Department Chair & Professor Morgan State University
  • Wendy Lynch

    Discipline: Psychology Associate Professor University of Virginia
  • Grant Madsen

    Discipline: History Assistant Professor Brigham Young University
  • Garth Massey

    Discipline: Sociology Professor Emeritus University of Wyoming
  • Fariborz (Fred) Mokhtari

    Discipline: Political Science Professor Norwich University
  • Eva Núñez

    Discipline: Spanish Professor Portland State University
  • Kathleen Saville

    Discipline: English Associate Chair, Department of Rhetoric and Composition & Senior Instructor American University in Cairo
  • Kenneth Shockley

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • Ed Sobey

    Discipline: Environmental Science President Northwest Invention Center
  • José Luis Suárez-García

    Discipline: Spanish Professor Colorado State University
  • Seneca Vaught

    Discipline: History Assistant Professor Kennesaw State University