IMPACT: Go-Local Berber Village Homestay (3 nights)

CAS 405-101

• The hospitality of a Moroccan host family in a rural village
• Discussions with local students, women artisans, and rural community members
• Traditional musical and dance celebration with host community
• Camel photo-op
• Optional Hammam bath
• Lunch and shopping in Marrakech’s Jema el-Fnaa Square and surrounding markets

Program Overview
Country: Morocco
Depart: 04/11/2017 1100
Return: 04/14/2017 1730
Duration: Overnight
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min 15 / Max 34

IMPACT Opportunity

Program Fee
$592 (early booking: $558)

Field Work Conflicts
  • MGT 360 Social and Sustainable Venturing (Section 2)
  • IE 470 Women and Development
  • ANTH 120 Human Origins and Variation

The group will hike through rural villages in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, where homes only recently received access to running water or electricity. Join host siblings for an optional visit to a traditional Moroccan bath, known as a Hammam (gender separated, these “Turkish” baths are an exhilarating, exfoliating experience – underwear and bikini tops are acceptable but not required). Celebrate new relationships with a traditional Moroccan party featuring music and dance. On the final day, say good-bye to host families and then take a 10 minute camel ride, gazing upon the Atlas Mountains in the distance. This trip wraps up with lunch and shopping time in Marrakech’s Jema el-Fnaa Square and the surrounding markets. Return with Moroccan souvenirs and a new perspective on Morocco and the Middle East.


Day 1

Casablanca – Marrakech – Amizmiz

  • Discussion about Moroccan culture with Moroccan students over tea
  • Drive to Amizmiz
  • Go home with host families for dinner and the rest of the evening

Day 2

Explore Amizmiz with Host Family

  • Activity with local school or association
  • Lunch and free time
  • Visit local women’s couscous organization for a discussion about rural life
  • Free time to explore the old city or pick-up soccer match with kids
  • Dinner with host families

Day 3

Experience Local Culture in Amizmiz

  • Hike through rural villages, stopping for tea and traditional bread in a family home
  • Lunch with families and free time
  • (Optional) hammam (traditional Moroccan bath) with host siblings
  • Traditional celebration, including music, dance, and (optional) henna
  • Dinner with families

Day 4

Amizmiz – Marrakech – Casablanca

  • Camel ride at scenic viewpoint
  • Group Reflection
  • Drive to Marrakech
  • Lunch and explore markets and shops near Jema el-Fnaa market
  • Drive to Casablanca

Meals Included

  • Breakfast x 3
  • Lunch x 2
  • Dinner x 3

Special Note

the hike is an easy 4-5 hour hike, with a stop for tea and a visit with a village family.
Bring tennis shoes or shoes suitable for a hike/walk.
Participants are likely to sleep on Moroccan couches, which are mattresses thinner than a twin bed.