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Wavelengths Alumni Series with Skye Fitzgerald

Enjoy the latest installment of the Wavelengths Alumni Series featuring Skye Fitzgerald (SP95, SP96, FA08, SP09), interviewed by Cindy Zomchek, Vice President of the Alumni Association. Skye Fitzgerald‚Äôs latest film HUNGER WARD has been nominated for an Academy Award¬Æ¬† in the Documentary Short Film category. By following two health care workers who work in Yemen‚Äôs therapeutic feeding centers, Hunger Ward exposes the tragic and long-lasting effects of the ongoing Yemeni Civil War. It poignantly shows how Yemen’s health workers struggle to save young victims of malnutrition. In recent weeks, Skye has spoken with Mark Ruffalo, ¬†Judd Apatow and Nick Kristof, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, about this powerful film.¬†

We are encouraging our SAS Alumni and Friends to watch the film and post your support on social media to get the word out about this important film! Also, let’s cheer on Skye while watching the Oscars on Sunday, April 25 using the hashtags #hungerward and #SASalumni.

Skye Fitzgerald founded Spin Film to bear witness to unfolding crises with the intent to deepen empathy and understanding. He is currently directing a trilogy of films on the global refugee crisis. The first, 50 FEET FROM SYRIA focused on doctors working on the Syrian border and was voted onto the Oscar® shortlist.  The second, LIFEBOAT documents Search and Rescue operations off the coast of Libya and was nominated for an Academy Award® and national Emmy® award.

 The third, HUNGER WARD, explores the impact of the war and famine in Yemen on children, families, and healthcare workers.

 As a Fulbright Research Scholar Fitzgerald directed the film BOMBHUNTERS and has worked with the Sundance Institute, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the State Department, and Mountainfilm. As a Director of Photography, Fitzgerald lenses work for clients including Dateline, VICE, Mercy Corps, CNN, the Discovery, etc. etc.

Fitzgerald was recently inducted as an honorary member into SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) for his work with Syrian refugees and named a Distinguished Alumnus at his alma mater EOU for documentary work.

 Fitzgerald is a member of the Documentary Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

‚ÄãBefore filmmaking, Fitzgerald cut fire-lines as a wildland HotShot crewmember. He continues to ride his bicycle to ruin and hugs two dogs on a daily basis.

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