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Who is Fall 2014?

Fall 2014 has 629 students!
Qassim Ghaffar (left), of the University of San Diego, and Meg Pernsteiner (right), of Bentley College, represent the 629 students from 251 colleges and universities aboard Fall 2014.

The 117th voyage of Semester at Sea is underway but who is aboard the MV Explorer?

The Fall 2014 voyage enrolled 629 students from 251 colleges and universities.  The average student grade point average is 3.3 and student-declared majors number over 50.  One-quarter of students are business-related majors, 15% are communications-related majors, and 7% report psychology or biology as their major, respectively.  Undeclared students constitute 7% of the student body.

USD 60, VCU 1
The University of San Diego has the greatest representation on the ship with 60 students including Kelsey Dupont (left), and Mason Azimi (left), of Virginia Commonwealth University, is one of 156 students to be the only representative from their school.

Of the 251 colleges and universities represented on the Fall 2014 voyage, the home institutions with the greatest number of students include: University of San Diego (60), Elon University (33), University of Virginia (26), University of Colorado, Boulder (23), Bentley College (18), Colorado State University and University of Oregon (each with 13), and the University of California, Santa Barbara (10). There are 156 colleges and universities with one student aboard.

Students represent 32 nationalities; while 9 out of 10 students hold American passports, fully 60 students are non-U.S. passport holders.  The U.S. students hail from 45 states, with 20% residing in California.

1 in 5 are Californian!
Matt Oney, of the University of San Diego, represents the 20% of the student population that is from California.

The gender ratio of students is 71% female and 28% male, which is not far from the normative study abroad gender ratio of 2/3 female and 1/3 male.

From left, Natasha Barbari (California State University at Long Beach), Lauren Stapleton (University of Virginia), Leigh McNamara (Roger Williams University), Brielle Moore-Calcagno (Hobart/William Smith College), Elisa Marie Yaeger (University of Arizona), Ximena Purita Banegas Zallio (Earlham College), Anjuli Tuck (University of Houston), Enrique Sada (gap year), Marshall Hastings (Springfield College), and Eric Choi (Fullerton College), represent the approximately 7:3 ratio of women to men aboard Fall 2014.

But the ship’s population is not just made up of students!

Student Support
From left: Falk Huettmann (faculty member), Lisa Loberg (staff member), Karen Contardo (Lifelong Learner), Max Mongosso (family member), and Vijay Shetty (crew member).

The faculty and staff number 74 in total — 42 faculty and 32 staff.  There are 14 Lifelong Learners on this voyage, ranging in age from two years old (yes, we have a Lifelong Learner family!) to 69.  Additionally, many of the faculty and staff are joined by their families — spouses, partners, and children. They number 33 and include nine children between the ages of seven and 17.

Supporting all that we do on this voyage is our remarkable crew.  In total, there are 171 crew — of whom 10% are female — hailing from 17 different countries (particularly the Philippines, who represent three quarters of the crew).

Altogether, Fall 2014 is a diverse community prepared for the voyage ahead.

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