Voyages: Fall 2012

SEMS 3500-106: International Management and Globalization

This is a course in international management which looks at the topic through the lens of globalization and its impact. Practicing effective business leadership in our contemporary context of increasing global interdependence demands not only new information and skills, but also a heightened consciousness of the influence of globalization upon our world. The phenomenon known as globalization dramatically impacts world markets; sculpts the political landscape; and enables widespread exportation of culture, language and social conventions. Indeed, it is fair to say that globalization is challenging our definition of society, how businesses operate, and even, how humanity understands itself. This course explores the strong influence of culture on business practices and cultivates skills for developing and implementing strategies in multicultural environments. Topics include culture and its implications, interpersonal effectiveness, organizational systems, political and economic environments, and corporate social responsibility. In order to exercise effective and ethical business leadership in our dynamic world, cultivating cross cultural competencies is an essential component for responsible global citizenship. Therefore, we will pay close attention to the experience of international management in the countries and regions we will be visiting en route. Students will encounter oppositional viewpoints and articulate their own position with respect to effective cross cultural management strategies. Ultimately, students will be challenged to expand their understanding and practice of business leadership as they engage in a more intense dialogue with our ever-changing world.