Student Photo Gallery: Singapore



Semester at Sea
Feb 27, 2013


Student Photo Gallery: Singapore

We asked students aboard the Spring 2013 Voyage to submit their favorite pictures from our time in Singapore. Here is a small sample of the pictures we received.

View of downtown Singapore. Photo by Andrew Quan, California Lutheran University.
Left: Photo by Chenxi Ouyang, Boston University. Right: Student at the Fusionopolis during a Biology Field Lab. Photo by Anna Stone. West Virginia University.
A guard in formal attire stands outside the world famous Raffles Hotel. Photo by Bret Steiman, University of New Hampshire.
Houses at Sarasota Island. Photo by Anna Stone, West Virginia University.
The Singapore skyline reflected in Nick McFarland's sunglasses. Photo by Cassie Carte, Sonoma State University.
Left: An Alleyway down Arab Street early in the morning. Photo by Bret Steinman, University of New Hampshire. Right: One of the many VIP orchids bred in the National Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Photo by Katie O'Brien, Quinnipiac University.
A rare white tiger at the Singapore National Zoo. Photo by Raj Patel, Somerset Community College.

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