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A Day in the Life: Spring 2017 Voyager Tommy Philbin

Voyager Tommy Philbin spends his time helping others in his role as Student Leader

A day in the life of a college student sailing around the world is both similar and different to that of a comparable student at a stationary campus. To Tommy Philbin, a traveler on the Spring 2017 voyage, even the most mundane parts of his routine seem exponentially more exciting on board the MV World Odyssey.

Both Philbin’s A Days and B Days begin with the classic wake up, shower, breakfast routine. On B Days, he busses his plate from Lido Restaurant and makes his way to Lido Terrace, where he attends seminars for the Lifelong Learners from 0800 to 0915 as part of his position as a Student Leader.

“These sessions are open to all students, but not many take the opportunity to attend,” said Philbin. “Even though it’s part of my job to be here with the Lifelong Learners, I find myself intrigued by the presentations and speeches that are given every week.” Additionally, Philbin spends two hours a day working with Lifelong Learner Coordinator Barb Garvey on enriching the Lifelong Learner experience on board. This includes planning events that keep the Lifelong Learners active members of the shipboard community.

When he isn’t working, Philbin balances his social and academic life by having his classes evenly distributed between A Days and B Days. During his free time each afternoon, he chooses to give his mind a break from class by focusing being physical. “I alternate between playing basketball on the sports court and using the free weight area next to the pool,” Philbin explained.

After his body and mind are sufficiently exercised, Tommy heads to dinner in Berlin Restaurant every night at 1800. His friends all gather at a group of tables to eat and exchange stories from their days or lives at home until it’s time for the Cross Currents talk (a nightly lecture by a member of Spring 2017’s Staculty) or another evening activity Semester at Sea has planned. He likes to end his days at sea winding down in Lido Terrace playing card games with fellow voyagers.

“One of the best ways to meet people on board is by wandering into Lido Terrace or the back deck at night,” Philbin said. “I always find new faces who are happy to pull up another chair so I can join them. This truly shows what a great community we have on the MV World Odyssey.

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