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Pioneering multi-country study abroad for over 55 years

Our Program

Program Overview for Study Abroad Advisors

Our mission is to educate students with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world.

With the world as its classroom and more than 55 years of experience, Semester at Sea integrates multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on field experience for meaningful engagement in the global community.

Over a 100-day voyage on a shipboard campus, students are offered a wide variety of coursework from 20 – 25 fields of study that are integrated with relevant field classes in up to a dozen countries, allowing for an experiential, comparative education that is truly global.

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We have a team a Regional Recruiters located across the U.S. dedicated to support the needs of your office and your students. Please contact a recruiter in your area to learn more about or program and or schedule an on-site or virtual campus visit.


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Redefining Study Abroad with Global Itineraries

While an immersion experience in a single country is a long-standing tradition in study abroad, Semester at Sea’s global, comparative model is an opportunity to embark on the educational and experiential journey of a lifetime. Semester at Sea’s multi-country shipboard program and global comparative approach to international education connects the world’s peoples, cultures, and traditions—a departure from most study abroad programs that focus exclusively on one country and culture. Semester at Sea itineraries are carefully selected to include a mixture of developing and developed countries in order to maximize the value of a comparative global education.

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A Focus on Academics

Coursework is geared directly toward the itinerary of each voyage in a cumulative and comparative way, offering a relevant and unique study abroad opportunity.

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Health and Safety - Our #1 Priority

The health and safety of program participants, employees and crew is prioritized above all else through every layer of decision-making at ISE. Over the course of our 57+ year history, we’ve continuously refined our health and safety protocols, implemented progressive preventative measures and developed vital partnerships that enable us to make informed decisions and take quick action when needed.

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A Valuable Investment towards Global Citizenship

For students, this study abroad experience has shifted from a supplement to a valuable, crucial asset on resumes. Students earn up to 15 credits towards their degrees.

Over and over again we hear how SAS changes our students lives and impacts the course of their career, their view of the world, and their engagement in solving the world’s most pressing issues. By being an Academic Advisor for the program, you are contributing to the student success and academic atmosphere of the program.

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Voyage Learning Outcomes

The goal of the Learning Outcomes is to ensure that students gain the knowledge, skills and intercultural competence necessary to succeed as responsible international citizens in the complex 21st century world.

  • Employ active methods of comparison and contrast to achieve a deeper awareness of U.S. American culture and its historical and contemporary relationship with other cultures.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of and empathy with the peoples, cultures and geography of the regions visited on the voyage.
  • Develop keen powers of observation and employ writing skills and various communication technologies to record and evaluate experiences throughout the voyage.
  • Understand the diversity of cultures and traditions in the world and develop tolerance and appreciation of differences.
  • Gain a sophisticated knowledge of global and regional developmental issues during ocean crossings and port visits.
  • Understand and critically assess the forces of globalization and nationalism that are stimulating global integration as well as conflict within and between regions.
  • Achieve deeper self-knowledge, self-confidence and autonomy through meaningful interactions with other voyagers and with individuals, organizations, and institutions in the ports of call.