Spring 2022 | Mediterranean Exploration

E 311C Intermediate Creative Writing: Nonfiction [CRN 19434]

Overview of Course

Creative nonfiction is diverse and multifaceted, and this course will look at many writing concepts with a focus on memoir, personal narrative, and travel narrative. Students will study and employ creative writing techniques such as characterization, descriptive detail, juxtaposition, metaphor, allegory, Imagery, and synecdoche. We will study nonfiction examples that demonstrates pitch-perfect prose, compelling character studies, memorable settings, sharply composed scenes, and enthralling themes. The writing workshop component will examine the fundamentals of craft – dialogue, flashbacks, conflict, voice, style, tone, structure, and scene. Group dynamics will include the use of critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical reasoning to critique other writings and communicate thought-provoking suggestions about the strengths and weaknesses of drafts to peers. The focus will be on shaping our experiences into creative factual narratives as we journey from one country to the next. International experiences will be incorporated into the class through in-depth in-person interviews, designing an experience, and observational studies.