Spring 2022 | Mediterranean Exploration

MGT 475 International Business Management [CRN 15982]

Overview of Course

While the opportunities for international commerce have never been greater, the challenges are similarly substantial. This course provides an initial overview of the major problem areas businesses encounter while operating internationally. Three perspectives will be addressed, including macro, micro, and strategic elements necessary for successful global operations. Macro elements include such areas as political, economic, social and technological understanding of the relevant context for business. Managers need these kinds of insights to be able to navigate such challenges as varying regulations, legal requirements, cultural differences, and trade barriers. Micro elements include addressing the specific functional areas as they relate to international business including marketing, finance, operations, accounting, and human resources. Strategic elements consider the overall firm perspective addressing such topics as industry positioning, competition, leadership, collaboration and strategic groups. International strategy connects the disparate parts of the firm within a coherent mission and vision. The voyage ports provide excellent topical areas to explore as we encounter a variety of different countries and regions.