Spring 2022 | Mediterranean Exploration

MU 333 History of Rock and Roll [CRN 19456]

Overview of Course

This course will examine Rock music as a musical tradition and social, political, and economic phenomenon and will study the roots of Rock and Roll from the perspectives of cultural history and musical structure. In addition, it will trace the history of Rock music through analyses of its musical content and form, lyrics, major trends and styles, significant composers, compositions, performers, and impact on American and world culture. Like other American musics, Rock and Roll is a dynamic syncretic tradition, synthesizing elements of Western European musics with those of West Africa. In our ports of call, students will explore where, how, and why local musicians adopted the defining characteristics of Rock and Roll in shaping their own musics. The class will also address issues of globalization, authenticity, the music industry, technology, gender, and politics. Using the tools, techniques, and methodologies we gain and develop in class, faculty and students will listen to, evaluate, and perform music and dance; observe, document and participate in musical events during field experience; and keep a research journal documenting their fieldwork, thoughts, observations, and conclusions. Method of evaluation based on exams, participant observation projects, and class and field participation.