Advanced Digital Documentary Photography [CRN 31324 Course] [CRN 31325 Lab]

Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication
Instructor: Luft
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 0930
End: 1050
Field Work: Day 1 | January 24, 2019 | Japan
Prerequisites: Completion of one (1) digital photography course (or an equivalent course on photographic fundamentals). Students must provide an example of a prior photo story, a portfolio (with 10-15 images), for admission to this course. Links to portfolios should be sent to Download Syllabus

This is a hands-on course in the conceptualization, production, and editing of photographic documentaries, and video imaging for publication in hard copy, online and for broadcast. The primary emphasis will be on still photography, but with considerable discussion and review of the best use, purposes and perception differences for each. Each student will produce two short-form and one long-form photographic projects during the term. At the student’s discretion, after discussion with the faculty member, a student may turn in a short form video assignment instead of one of the two short-form photo assignments. A key occupational focus for this field is image making for the web and specialized publications, but the course will be relevant in all areas of photo and video image making. Course content will analyze conceptual, photographic, and editing criteria for creative non-fiction still photo and video documentation of people, places, and themes. Students should be prepared to show new photographic work as assigned for instructor and peer review purposes as part of a formal critique process. Students will also be expected to critique the work of fellow students and experienced professionals in an intelligent and thoughtful way as part of learning to be a skilled documentary photographer.

Field Work

Country: Japan
Day: 1
Date: January 24, 2019

Students will visit Kobe's neighboring city, Osaka, to collect photographs in America-mura Village, on Dotonbori Street, and in the Nipponbashi Area. The group will find themselves surrounded by stores selling popular electronics, specialty cooking ware, and Japanese pop culture gifts and collectibles as well as shoppers seeking the merchandise.

Learning Objectives:

1. Students will learn to work within busy and complex environments to capture images of people interacting with each other, their work spaces, and the pedestrian communing experience.
2. Students will take time to explore the thousands of choices in camera gear in an area known for its many electronic shops.
3. Students will learn to ask in Japanese for permission to photograph individuals, and will learn discuss important cultural differences in privacy concerns in Japan compared to other countries.