Autobiographies in Childhood

Discipline: English UVA
Instructor: Springfield
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 15:55
End: 17:10
Field Work: Day 1 | Argentina Download Syllabus

This course will explore relationships within self, family and community as portrayed within self-reflective writing by women. As we focus on stories of childhood in Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Iran, we will consider differences between autobiography and fiction, subjective truths, and world-views. The course will explore the ramifications of class, race, and gender in women’s portrayal and self and society and literary traditions that shape their writing.

Field Work

Country: Argentina
Day: 1

The people of Argentina are sophisticated and proud, resourceful and richly creative. This educational journey will capture the pulse of popular politics and protest in a multicultural society. We will see how one of the 20th century's leading popular leaders, Evita Perón, left her imprint on the lives of women. A charismatic campaigner for women's suffrage, she dramatically changed Argentina's politics. Housed in a former mansion and refuge to women and children in need of assistance, the Eva Perón Museum offers a wealth of information on this illustrious woman and the times in which she lived. We will visit her tomb at the famous Recoleta cemetery in the heart of Buenos Aires. Our excursion will take us to contemporary times as we learn of popular resiliency in the economic crisis of 2001 which brought people together to work for common goals. By visiting the Eloisa Cartonera publishing book cooperative in the hip La Boca area of Buenos Aires, we will learn of how books were and are still produced of recycled cardboard by making and adorning one in a cooperative inspired by women. This bookmaking cooperative has spurred an international movement of community bookmaking and is featured in books and library exhibits worldwide.