Biology in the New Millenium

Discipline: Biology
Instructor: Garrett
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1415
End: 1530
Field Work: Day 1 | Singapore Download Syllabus

Biology in the New Millennium is designed to familiarize non-scientists with the dramatic developments taking place in biology. These scientific advances are already impacting our lives in surprising ways, and the influence of biology on contemporary life will continue to increase with each passing year. It is important that citizens understand the science behind these developments and their potential for changing the trajectory of everyday experience, influencing cultural norms, and modifying societal values. This course will cover emerging paradigms in the biological sciences and medicine, conveying the material at a level where students not trained in science can grasp the essential truths and consider the intellectual and ethical implications.

Field Work

Country: Singapore
Day: 1

Biology in the New Millennium (BNM) focuses on recent scientific advances in biology.  The purpose of this field lab is to visit Biopolis, Singapore’s internationally renowned biomedical science research center.  Once there, we will see firsthand scientific research facilities that are the equal of any in the world, highlighting for the students the advanced state of biomedical research outside the U.S.  Biopolis was established to position biomedical research as a major sector of the Singapore economy.  It is home to both government and corporate research laboratories.  Over 2,000 scientists, researchers, technicians, and administrators are employed there. They have made significant scientific discoveries, earning Biopolis international acclaim.  Biopolis seeks to translate research advances into tangible benefits in manufacturing and healthcare delivery.  Following our visit, scientists and students from Biopolis will join us aboard the MV Explorer for lectures about significance of their work for Singapore and for society at large, and for informal discussions with the students enrolled in BNM. Academic Objectives: 1. To understand the research being conducted at Biopolis 2. To be able to discuss the research with scientists from Biopolis 3. To appreciate the global effort in research and technology development 4. To understand the profound impacts that these research and technological advances will have on their lives