Business and Global Issues

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Shi
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1550
End: 1705
Field Work: Day 1 - Thursday, 15 October | Spain Download Syllabus

This course connects business management directly to analyzing and solving global problems. It intends to demonstrate the importance of applying business competencies in dealing with global issues that affect the long-term viability of business, and highlight the knowledge and skills gap between knowing the business fundamentals and solving complex management problems. The course uses the “raw” case approach that frontloads students with complex decision problems linked to one or more global issues, in order to encourage adaptive learning and capacity building required for analyzing and solving real-world business problems. Adaptive learning also adopts cross-disciplinary perspectives, frameworks, and techniques often in compressed time frames. Students should expect similar complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty, and velocity throughout the raw case study as dealing with a tough business problem in real life.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 1 - Thursday, 15 October

We will visit the Vossloh Group, one of world’s leading railway vehicle manufacturer, and IVI Spain, a leading assisted reproduction and fertility center in Europe. The full-day lab invites the executives from these two multinational companies to speak about enterprise value creation and risk management in today’s dynamic global environment. Students will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience about the business of a multinational company and its operations and relate the experience to enterprise management in the context of global issues. Academic Objectives:

  1. To observe the operations of two different multinational firms
  2. To experience the enterprise risk management general practices in the context of global issues
  3. To appreciate the cross-industry differences in enterprise risk management