China in the Modern World, 1600-Present

Discipline: History
Instructor: Han
Credits: 3

Field Work: China in the Modern World, 1600-Present
Prerequisites: Completion of three (3) history credits and no fewer than 45 credits total

This course is an in-depth study and examination of Pre-modern China to the present. The reason behind the decline of the Ming empire, and the rise of the Manchu Empire in 1644 would be the starting point of the course. We will examine the nature and strength of the Manchu empire and its territorial expansion in Xinjiang, Mongolia, Tibet, and Taiwan. We will study the economic and population growth during the Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong Period, the seemingly prosperous era of the Qing Dynasty. We will also examine the arrival of European missionaries and their impact on the Manchu empire. We will look into the origins of the opium war between China and Great Britain and its implications for China. More importantly, we want to look into the birth of the Chinese Communist Party and its fight for domination in China. The founding of PRC and its eventual rise in the contemporary world and its implication for the world will be examined during the course.

Field Work