Conflict Management and Communication

Discipline: Communication Studies
Instructor: Khrebtan-Hörhager
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 4 | February 24, 2023 | Cyprus
Prerequisites: None

SPCM 436 Conflict Management and Communication examines theoretical and practical issues concerning conflict management, communication, and power in various social environments as well as different ways to constructively approach conflict, negotiate, and mediate.

The course has six major objectives/goals/intended learning outcomes:

  1. to develop knowledge about the nature and mechanisms of differences that produce conflict;
  2. to acquaint students with various attitudes, habits, perspectives, and beliefs related to conflict;
  3. to familiarize students with the concepts, principles, and theories of conflict management and resolution;
  4. to examine various types of conflicts, ranging from personal, relational, and family, to organizational, intercultural, and global;
  5. to explore the growing field of conflict management and resolution and different ways to constructively approach conflict, negotiate, and mediate;
  6. to transform students into empathetic citizens with a global mindset and a communicative skillset of conflict resolution in culture-specific interactions as well as in the context of globalization and ongoing migration.

Field Work

Country: Cyprus
Day: 4
Date: February 24, 2023