Conservation of Natural Resources

Discipline: Environmental Science
Instructor: Goldin
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1050
End: 1205
Field Work: Day 2 - Wednesday, 7 October | Greece Download Syllabus

Nature and extent of mineral (renewable and nonrenewable), soil, water, forest, and wildlife resources and their conservation in the United States and the world at large and the effects of human population on these resources as well as on the atmosphere, including climate change.

Field Work

Country: Greece
Day: 2 - Wednesday, 7 October

We will examine the interactions of population on the various natural resources of value in Athens – water, air, soils, nearby agriculture, forests, wildlife, parks, climate change, and energy.  We hope to visit the waste water treatment plant, recycling/composting centers, a landfill, parks, city reservoir, and evaluate any pollution problems.  We will meet with city officials to see how they are coping with environmental degradation and promoting sustainability.  We hope to schedule some hands-on activities.  Academic objectives: 1. Examine water issues- visit waste water treatment plant, city reservoir 2. Examine solid waste issues- visit a landfill, recycling and composting center 3. Visit neighborhoods and local beaches to discuss pollution problems 4. Discuss these issues with city officials