Contemporary Management Principles/Practices

Discipline: Management
Instructor: Slocum
Credits: 3

Field Work: Contemporary Management Principles/Practices
Prerequisites: The standard CSU prerequisite requirements – (1) principles of microeconomics course AND one (1) business writing course AND one (1) calculus course – have been waived by the instructor.

Management is everywhere—at its core, it is the process by which we relate to others with the intent to organize and work toward common goals—it is the ‘how’ through which we achieve our people-related ‘what’. Contemporary Management Principles and Practices is therefore designed to acquaint students with the fundamental concepts in the field of management and to show how they apply in business firms and other organizations. This course will address the four basic pillars of management – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling—within the context of a number of the theories and frameworks that guide how individuals, groups, and organizations work together. In so doing, students will begin to develop a critical thinking approach to the world of organizations, delving into the decisions that managers make in relation to their short-, medium-, and long-term business horizons and values, and doing so within an international, experiential context where different managers around the world can be observed first hand.

Field Work