Cross-Cultural Psychology

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Lowman
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 0925
End: 1040
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Cross-Cultural Psychology aims to identify those human experiences and behaviors that are common to all humanity and those that are modified by the environment to varying degrees across cultures.  As such, this is an ideal subject to study on a round-the-world voyage.  Each port of call will offer rich examples of human behavior that will initially seem different from what you encounter in the US and Western countries.  After we have visited a number of international ports you are also likely to note similarities as well as systematic cultural differences, some large and some subtle.  Whether participating in formal Field Labs or traveling on your own you will have countless planned and unplanned opportunities to experience your fundamental similarity to others as well as appreciate the rich differences produced by cultural forces.  One objective of this Global Comparative Lens Course (Global Lens Course) is to offer multiple small group discussion sessions in which to compare your various port experiences within the perspective of the topics addressed in this Cross-Cultural Psychology course.  A second objective is to encourage you to integrate your experiences by writing a series of short comparative papers that will serve as a portfolio of your port observations and reflections about several of the cultures we’ll be visiting.