Current World Problems [CRN 27391]

Discipline: Political Science
Instructor: Jennings
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 10:40
End: 12:00
Field Work: Day 2 | February 21, 2017 | Myanmar (Burma)
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This course provides an understanding of some of the most pressing issues that face our world today.   Over the course of the semester we will look at classic political problems that face the world (with a special emphasis on the countries on our journey).  These will include issues of war and civil strife, political development and democratization, racial reconciliation, transnational crime, environmental degradation, and economic inequality. The knowledge gained from examining current world problems will benefit you because as a citizen of the world, whether or not you try to shape political events and global problems, they affect you.

We will examine these issues from a variety of cultural perspectives, gaining insight into how Americans (and the American government) is viewed abroad.  We will use theories and research from political science to look at how and why these issues impact our community and the world beyond, and we’ll discuss opportunities and strategies to get involved and participate in addressing these problems in the communities we visit during our journey, as well as when we return to the United States.

Field Work

Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Day: 2
Date: February 21, 2017