Documentary Film as a Liberal Art [CRN 27476] [27477 Lab]

Discipline: Liberal Arts
Instructor: Seel
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 12:10
End: 13:30
Field Work: Documentary Film as a Liberal Art [CRN 27476] [27477 Lab]
Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing Download Syllabus

Students will view and analyze documentary films to sharpen their critical assessment of how individuals, cultures, and events are depicted in these programs. The course will use documentary film as a vehicle for students to integrate varied perspectives represented in the liberal arts disciplines. Students will examine the diverse roles of the documentary producer as an explorer, social activist, historian, entertainer, muckraker, journalist, and creative troublemaker. An analytical paper will be researched and written by each student about one or two documentary films viewed in the course. Films will be selected to include a mixture of classic documentaries and contemporary programs about people and places in countries to be visited on the voyage.

This class is also offered as JTC456, through the CSU Department of Journalism and Media Communication.

Field Work