Environmental Issues of the Mediterranean

Discipline: Environmental Science
Instructor: environmental-issues-of-the-mediterranean
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1520
End: 1635
Field Work: Day 3 - Barcelona - Thursday, 8 August | Spain
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

As we go on our voyage we will come across many visible signs, sources and consequences of pollution. Just as often they will not be that obvious. We will examine the chemistry occurring in the water and air around us, and the impact of perturbations of the environment on society. Topics discussed include global warming, fracking, acid rain, smog, particulate matter, long-range atmospheric transport and Chernobyl. The various ports of call during the voyage will be used to demonstrate the effects and potential effects of various local and global environmental problems.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 3 - Barcelona - Thursday, 8 August

August 8 (Barcelona, Spain) Details TBA