Fine Art Photography

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Forsgren
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1050
End: 1205
Field Work: Day 1 - Gdansk - Friday, 5 September | Poland Download Syllabus

Fine Art Photography focuses on how photography is being used in a diverse variety of contemporary art contexts while introducing technical and practical principles of digital photography.

This theoretical emphasis of this class is a consideration of how photography is used in contemporary and conceptual art.  Students examine how photography is used in conjunction with performance, new technologies, and other media.  They are exposed to a variety of approaches to photography as fine art with focused consideration of the traditions of the countries visited during the voyage.  Students are asked to explore one of these methods of image making in-depth as their final project for the class.

The technical emphasis of the class is on camera operation, file management, digital imaging, and digital editing. Students learn current practices in photographic workflow using Adobe Lightroom and camera operation with a focus on DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The class begins with a series of weeklong projects that consider methods to frame, edit, and process digital images.  It includes an overview of photographic history and theory with an emphasis on the directions photography is taking in contemporary art.

Required Materials: Laptop computer, Adobe Lightroom 5.0 (installed on your laptop), a digital camera (with RAW capabilities and manual shooting options), 8GB SD/compact flash card for camera, 8GB Flash Drive

Field Work

Country: Poland
Day: 1 - Gdansk - Friday, 5 September

This field lab will explore the collections of the Gdansk Gallery of Photography and the National Museum, with a particular emphasis on modes of modernism and the avant garde that were active in Central European photography in the beginning of the 20th century.  Students will explore using their cameras in the city of Gdansk with an emphasis on methods and concepts behind different approaches to using the camera.  Abstraction and Action will be emphasized as students attempt to recreate modernist modes of working that we find in the gallery collections.  We will focus on how ‘avant garde’ approaches seek to continue to subvert and reconsider established practices of using a camera, and explore how we can twist our own camera to make surprising and unexpected images. Academic Objectives: 1. Exposure to Contemporary Art Scene of Gdansk as well as Polish/Central European Modernist Traditions. 2. Hands on time with photographic equipment – Using semi-automatic and manual modes on the camera. 3. Hands on time with photographic equipment – Concept building: Modes of abstraction and conceptual art.