Fine Art Photography

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Gentry
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 1 - Monday, 8 February | Vietnam Download Syllabus

This is an art studio course that introduces students to fine art photography, using digital processes. Assignments are designed to help students understand the visual language of photography. Students will make photographs during this trip and will use Adobe Lightroom 6.0 to edit and adjust them. The desired goal of this course is to give students an understanding and appreciation for fine art photography and an understanding of basic camera settings, exposure choices, file management organization, post-production processes and delivery modes. Course projects are designed to engage students with core concepts intrinsic to photography and photographic language. Students will use time on board to download, organize, edit, and develop images to ready them for digital delivery and display. Readings, lectures and discussions are to expose students to historical and contemporary practitioners and genres.  Students will use time in port to explore each country with camera in hand. Over the course of the journey students will make and curate their own images that function as a personal inquiry and as fine art.

Required Materials:

  1. Laptop computer
  2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.0 or CC (installed and ready on your laptop.)
  3. A digital camera with RAW and capabilities, preferably with manual shutter speed and aperture controls.
  4. 1-2 media cards compatible with your camera
  5. 1 portable USB drive 256 gigabytes+ to back up all images off of the laptop and run your Lightroom catalogue.
  6. Required Book: The Elements of Photography: Understanding and Creating Sophisticated Images by Angela Faris Belt


Field Work

Country: Vietnam
Day: 1 - Monday, 8 February

Together we’ll take our learned photographic techniques on location and photograph the special TET aka “Vietnamese Lunar New Year” - the most important public holiday in Vietnam. We’ll visit on the first day of TET – an unusual time as the city empties out and residents return to their family’s hometown to reunite with relatives. The normally vibrant streets are quiet yet decorated for the occasion with flowers on every corner. We’ll visit and photograph the festivities such as the flowered streets, ancestral altars and people in traditional costume. Feast on a dinner at the night market of traditional TET cuisine such as Xoi (Sticky rice), banh chung (steamed square cake), and banh day (rice with meat or bean fillings tightly wrapped inside a leaf) all very important traditional Tet dishes. Learn more about your camera settings and how to make photographs with both technical and creative intent. Recommended to bring: sunscreen, camera flash, snacks (stores may be closed), camera capable of manual exposure, plenty of digital media cards, a fully charged and/or extra battery, a tripod, sunhat, layered clothing for evening, a flash light, comfortable walking shoes and plenty of enthusiasm.

Academic Objectives:
1. Measure light using in-camera and handheld meters.
2. Estimate depth of field and motion based on creative intent and camera settings.
3. Solve problems in visual story telling from research to presentation during the TET celebrations.
4. Basic introduction to contemporary fine art photographers of Ho Chi Mihn like Dinh Q Le and The Propeller Group.