Global Shakespeares

Discipline: English Literature
Instructor: Kinney
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1050
End: 1205
Field Work: Day 1 - Cape Town - Friday, 28 March | South Africa
Prerequisites: Basic composition training; some collegiate lit.-study desirable. Download Syllabus

Shakespeare is the most global of authors, and our voyage affords us a great chance to
engage with World Shakespeares first-hand. Supplementing original texts with selected
live performances, major film adaptations, and recorded productions from the Global
Shakespeare Festival held in Shakespeare’s rebuilt Globe in London in 2012, we will study how
Shakespeare’s concerns morph and migrate across time and space. In its way, every staging
is a new adaptation of some starting script or design; in a modular sequence correlated where
possible with performance occasions onshore, we will try to do justice to great Shakespeare plots
and their cultural and contextual permutations from Henry IV Part I to Hamlet to Macbeth and
from A Midsummer Night’s Dream to The Tempest.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 1 - Cape Town - Friday, 28 March

We will visit  multiple open-air venues in Cape Town including Shakespeare-in-the-Park home-venue Maynardville and the world-famous Rhodes bequest Kirstenbosch which showcase both performance and mastery of landscape. Using gardens and theaters as lenses on each other, we will study the special / alternative reality that performance-space always involves.

Academic Objectives: How does mastery of nature in gardens correspond to / diverge from the mastery of humdrum reality onstage?  What's involved in the meaning and making of especially dramatic landscapes?  How does Shakespeare's recourse to the shaping metaphor of the garden gain from firsthand experience of great gardens' designs on reality?