International Finance

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Ranade
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 2 - Friday, 19 February | Myanmar (Burma) Download Syllabus

This course is designed to give students a greater appreciation of global business from a financial perspective. The fundamentals of international finance will be studied within the broader context of economic globalization. Students will examine foreign exchange and currency markets, understanding the techniques that are used to facilitate multi-currency business. Another topic of consideration is how companies think about and manage the resulting financial and operational risks. World financial markets and institutions will be studied, and examined as to how companies invest and finance on a global basis. Finally, the financial management of the multi-national firm will be reviewed, with a focus on opportunities, risks, and future challenges.

Field Work

Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Day: 2 - Friday, 19 February

A visit to the market place and discussions with traders will help in getting an understanding of how markets function and traders finance their trade in a growing emerging market economy like Myanmar. The visit to the World Bank will expose various aspects of the functions of the World Bank at the country level.

Academic Objectives:
1. Understand the role of the World Bank in financing economic development of Myanmar.
2. Understand the role of the International Finance Corporation
3. Understand the role of finance in trade