International Law [CRN 29381]

Discipline: Political Science
Instructor: Armstead
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1230
End: 1350
Field Work: Day 5 | April 3, 2018 | Ghana
Prerequisites: One (1) general international relations course; Per professor: Prerequisite will be waived Download Syllabus

This course will provide an overview of the international legal system, and a foundational understanding of the substance of international law.  It will begin by exploring the nature and structure of the international legal system, and will provide an overview of the evolution of that system.  It will then examine fundamental topics relating to the structure and operation of the international legal system, including the sources of international law, the subjects of international law, dispute settlement, and the relationship between international law and the municipal sphere.  The course will then provide a survey of substantive areas of international law, including the regulation of the global commons, jurisdiction and immunities, international human rights law, international criminal law, and the law on the use of force.  The format of the course will consist primarily of lectures, structured discussion, and role-playing activities.

Field Work

Country: Ghana
Day: 5
Date: April 3, 2018