International Marketing (section 1)

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Loroz
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 0800
End: 0915
Field Work: Day 1 - Antalya - Wednesday, 3 July | Turkey
Prerequisites: basic marketing course Download Syllabus

This course provides an introduction to global marketing.   We will examine how firms adopt strategies and adapt practices to succeed in diverse economic, cultural, and political environments.  Concepts covered include integrated marketing communications, pricing, distribution management, and product and service strategy.  Ethical dilemmas that are unique to international marketing will be discussed.  In addition, global marketing issues of topical interest and related to the voyage ports-of-call will be addressed.

Field Work

Country: Turkey
Day: 1 - Antalya - Wednesday, 3 July

July 3 (Antalya, Turkey) The Field Lab will provide you with a clearer understanding of marketplace diversity and an appreciation for the difficulties encountered in marketing products in an emerging market environment.  We will visit three retail environments.  These will likely be one of the old bazaars, a street market, and a modern shopping mall. Working in a team of 2-3 people, you will take field notes on your observations at each site, along with supporting photographs where allowed. Immediately after the site visits, you will participate in a round-table discussion on board ship or in port (to be arranged). Then, as a team, you will collate and analyze your materials, writing up your findings and recommendations in a 6-page report (not counting cover sheet, photos in appendix). Academic Objectives:

  1. After completing this Field Lab, participants will have a clearer understanding of retail marketing environments and brand marketing issues in an emerging market environment.
  2. Participants will demonstrate this understanding as well as their ability to connect the experience to course concepts through a round-table discussion and a written and photographical analysis.