International Marketing (Section 2) [CRN 77193]

Discipline: Marketing
Instructor: Carvalho
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 0800
End: 0920
Field Work: Day 1 - Tuesday, 1 November | Brazil
Prerequisites: One (1) upper division fundamentals of marketing course Download Syllabus

This course explores the strategic implications of marketing in different contexts around the world. Understanding fundamental differences and similarities across consumers and markets sets the stage for successful adaptation/standardization of marketing strategy. Topics include: situation analysis of environmental forces across markets, cross-cultural understanding of consumption, international research and segmentation, global marketing strategy, and insights into subsistence marketplaces. It is designed to be a comprehensive course embodying lectures, class discussion, field assignments, and case studies.

Field Work

Country: Brazil
Day: 1 - Tuesday, 1 November

The goal of the field class is to verify the application of the concepts learned in class in companies visited in the field. For this purpose, the field portion of the course will focus on ‘Growth Strategies in the Global Marketplace.’ In Salvador, Brazil, students will have the opportunity to visit companies with operations in foreign markets. Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the current international trends and developments, similarities and differences, and convergences and divergences among trade systems – as related to cultural, political, religious, social, economic, and global variables and influence
  2. Understand the major struggles a company faces when expanding internationally
  3. Understand the major opportunities companies are trying to pursue when expanding internationally