International Marketing (Section 2)

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Carvalho
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 15:55
End: 17:10
Field Work: Day Manaus 1 | Brazil Download Syllabus

The International Marketing course will provide students with an understanding of international similarities and differences in marketing structures, functions and processes as related to the socio-economic and cultural environment and a consideration of the opportunities and problems of international marketing. The course will have as its objectives to: 1. Develop skill and knowledge to understand, interpret, and analyze modern international marketing strategies and practices; 2. Build a strong foundation for critical thinking in the area of international marketing; 3. Investigate and report on leading international marketing issues, practices, and ideas. 6. Analyze current international trends and developments, similarities and differences, and convergences and divergences among trade systems as related to cultural, political, religious, social, economic, and global variables and influences. 7. All of the above objectives will be accomplished by comparing the marketing environment of developed and developing countries.
Special Requirements:
Introduction to Marketing

Field Work

Country: Brazil
Day: Manaus 1

The field portion of the course will focus on ‘Market Entry Strategies and Practices.’ Throughout the voyage students will have the opportunity to, in a comparative manner, investigate the application of market entry strategies and practices to the reality of both developed and developing countries. Students will meet with American, British, Brazilian and South African trade commissioners operating abroad to learn from their experience the major reasons for success and failures in expanding internationally. In addition, students will have the opportunity to visit the following sites in Manaus on November 22, 2012: 1. DAFRA MOTOS BRASIL - Students will get a rare glimpse of a young company that has “gone global” in a very short amount of time. Since 2009, DAFRA has established global strategic partnerships with major international motorcycle manufacturers such as BMW, Motorrad, Haojue, SYM and TVS Motor Company. These companies have extremely important characteristics in common, such as product quality, technological superiority in terms of designs and manufacturing processes, excellence in development and extensive experience in the two-wheel sector. Students will meet executives of Dafra Motos, tour the plant, experience an interactive presentation about the company’s history, current operation, strategic plans and challenges in the global economy. 2. 3M Students will have the opportunity to learn from a successful American company that is operating in Brazil since the late 40s. Founded in 1902 in the U.S., 3M began its international expansion in the 40s and came to Brazil in 1946. The 3M Brazil is among the major subsidiaries of the company and makes constant investments to further strengthen its operations in the country. Approximately 70% of products sold in Brazil are produced in the country and is considered one of the subsidiaries of the group 3M Company with greater production capacity. Students will meet the president and founder of Dafra Motos, tour the plant, experience an interactive presentation about the company’s history, current operation, strategic plans and challenges in the global economy.  A few surprises are planned for some fun, interactive learning involved various company products.