International Marketing (2)

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Tharp
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 0800
End: 0915
Field Work: Day 1 - Shanghai - 6 February | China
Prerequisites: Introductory Marketing Class Download Syllabus

Over 2000 years ago the Chinese were the preeminent international traders. The “silk road” that
developed led to a global trading system that included China, India, Persia, Arabia, and Europe.
After decades of isolationism, China has reemerged within the last decade as a full player in the
global market. In the next millennium, which markets will gain in importance in the global
market? In the next two decades, more than 75% of the world trade growth will come from
emerging markets. Increasing global interdependence and competition assures that the most
successful companies will be able to adapt to constant change and challenges. Throughout this
course, more emphasis through case work and examples will be given to regions and countries
that we will visit on this voyage–including top global markets such as Japan, China, India, and
South Africa, as well as the often-overlooked, emerging, bottom-of-the-pyramid markets in
Africa and Asia such as Burma, Ghana, and Morocco.

In this course you will first learn about the scope and challenges of International Marketing in a dynamic, global market by first focusing on domestic market expansion, multi-domestic marketing, and global marketing. In the second part of the course, we will focus on understanding the cultural environment as a key to successfully competing in a global marketplace. In addition to culture, we will also examine other important components of the environment including business customs, the political and legal environment and look at assessing global market opportunities through global market research. In the final part of the course, we will cover developing global marketing strategies. Specifically, we will talk about planning and organization, products and services for consumers (B2C & C2C), international marketing channels, advertising, personal selling, pricing for international markets, and negotiating with international customers.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 1 - Shanghai - 6 February

We will visit the US Consulate in Shanghai for a briefing from the Political-Economic Section Chief. We will also make visits to the Nanjing Market and Xintiandi Style.