Digital Media in an International Context

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Acosta-Lewis
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1050
End: 1205
Field Work: Day 1 | India Download Syllabus

This course introduces students to new media technology and its influence on society. These forms of media are constantly changing, as are the impact that these technologies have on us and society. This course will emphasize the theoretical models that are relevant to new media as well as the practical applications and implications of new media on communication. A number of new media areas such as computer-mediated communication, social networks, blogs, and online gaming will be explored.

Field Work

Country: India
Day: 1

Students will be briefed on ship about the day’s activities, expectations, and details about assignments. We will visit a local university for a lecture on internet censorship in India before going to a local movie theater to watch a Bollywood movie.  Over lunch we will discuss internet censorship in India, examine differences between the United States and India, reflect on the intersection of new media and Bollywood, and how the media is being used for social change and awareness.
Academic Objectives:
  1. Learn about new media use in India
  2. Compare and contrast new media censorship in India to America
  3. Learn about the intersection of Bollywood and new media