Introduction to World Art

Discipline: Art History
Instructor: McCann
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 1 - Sunday, 31 January | China Download Syllabus

This class introduces the painting, sculpture, and architecture of the major cultural realms encountered on this semester at sea: Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia, and Africa. Varying functions of art in society as shaped by religion, politics, patronage, and individuals will be discussed. Cross cultural comparisons of eastern and western art, and periods in which they strongly influenced each other, will be examined, to give students a sense of the different value systems that art reflects.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 1 - Sunday, 31 January

Students will tour the museums and choose three examples of Chinese art: one traditional landscape painting, one zoomorphic bronze, and one of their own choice. These examples of art will be used in their field research paper assignment as described in the syllabus.

Academic Objectives:
1. Students will experience first hand a historical and stylistic range of Chinese art.
2. Students will see ancient, modern, and contemporary examples of Chinese art.
3. Students will select 3 artworks to write about in their research paper.