Oceanography (Section 1) [CRN 77186]

Discipline: Natural Resources
Instructor: Sobey
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1410
End: 1530
Field Work: Day 1 | September 26, 2019 | Portugal
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

Explore the sea with an understanding of how the oceans work. There is no greater challenge today than repairing and saving the oceans. And, there is no better place to learn about the oceans, its life, and its future than while voyaging at sea. Each class begins with a walk on the ocean searching for signs of life, pollution, and tomorrow’s weather. On shore immersive experiences bond with learning at sea to provide you with a complete ocean experience.

To understand the ocean we delve into the forces that drive its motion, its life, and its geology. The basics were discovered years ago, but recent discoveries have rocked our understanding of the seas. We will focus on those discoveries and provide the latest research so you leave the ship fully informed.

We will travel along a route that will provide us front-row seats to see a wide variety of ecosystems and climate types. Our voyage takes us across the trade winds, the horse latitudes, the doldrums, and the equator. This route gives us the opportunity to experience diverse ocean environments from flying fish to whales.

If you are concerned with climate change and passionate about the ocean and ocean life, take this class.

Field Work

Country: Portugal
Day: 1
Date: September 26, 2019

We explore the Oceanário de Lisboa and take a backstage tour to learn how the life-support system works. After exploring the exhibits, small teams make observations of behavior of specific animals for later reporting. In the afternoon, a local guide helps us explore two different types of beach habitat.  Learning Objectives:

  1. To learn about the coastal environment of the eastern Atlantic Ocean
  2. To learn how aquarium are able to keep marine animals alive and healthy in captivity
  3. To learn how specific animals behave