Philosophy of Religion

Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Instructor: Merricks
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 15:20
End: 16:35
Field Work: Day 4 | Greece Download Syllabus

This course will read the work of present-day philosophers of religion. That means that in this course we will use contemporary philosophical methods to examine a number of different topics that have been of perennial interest to philosophers of religion and philosophical theologians. These topics include arguments for and against God’s existence, the problem of evil, the relationship between human freedom and divine foreknowledge, and how the nature of the human person bears on conceptions of personal immortality. No previous philosophy classes are required.

Field Work

Country: Greece
Day: 4

Our whole class will tour the ruins of Apollo's Temple at Delphi. Students will be asked to write a brief essay discussing the ways in which medieval philosophy as studied in the course differs from, and is similar to, Socrates's understanding of his mission as a philosopher-which began as a result of the oracle at Delphi saying that Socrates was the wisest of men, and Socrates coming to believe that this was true only because philosophical questioning revealed the ignorance of others, of which they were unaware. Socrates himself was aware of his own ignorance-hence is his comparative wisdom.