Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Johnson
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 0800
End: 0915
Field Class: Day 6 - Kobe - Saturday, 31 January | Japan Download Syllabus

Photojournalism is the study of photographic theory and practice as a medium of communication. This course emphasizes practical photographic techniques coupled with journalism history and ethics. Students will (1) develop an improved understanding of the principles of photojournalism, (2) experience directly the elements of photography including cameras, lenses, shutters, lighting, exposure, and digital processing, (3) learn strategies for the photojournalism profession in a global setting and apply them to a culminating photo essay and (4) increase sensitivity to the ethics and guidelines of photojournalism.

Field Class

Country: Japan
Day: 6 - Kobe - Saturday, 31 January

Students will venture into several cultural places that serve as major memorial and spiritual sites. We will juxtapose extreme places of peace and serenity against memorials designed to engage public memories of tragedy. Students will have a chance to not only visit rich cultural sites, but also reflect on their own thoughts, ideas, and reactions in the form of a photo essay dedicated to Japan. Academic Objectives:

  1. Understand the critical roles photography and journalism play in archiving and marketing the stories around both spaces.
  2. Reflect on peace and spiritual space, and how to photograph the majesty in the face of tragedy.