Principles of Investments [CRN 29395]

Discipline: Finance
Instructor: Burns
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1230
End: 1350
Field Work: Day 2 Hong Kong | February 5, 2018 | China
Prerequisites: One (1) upper division principles of finance course AND one (1) upper division analysis of financial markets course; One (1) upper division principles of finance course AND one (1) upper division analysis of financial markets course. As advised by the instructor, one (1) upper division, introductory finance course is sufficient in lieu of these listed CSU prerequisites. Download Syllabus

An investment portfolio’s most exciting and lucrative opportunities may be found outside the borders of the United States.  This class aims at providing you with a systematic structure for thinking about the principles of investment with a global emphasis that fits the unique itinerary of our voyage. It is intended for students who want to become investment professionals, knowledgeable individual investors, or both.

We will develop key concepts in investment theory, explore the application of various financial instruments in investment management and access the same sophisticated information on world capital markets that top investment professionals use.  The course will also introduce the basic techniques of portfolio allocation and the importance of international diversification. Though markets are constantly changing, good investing principles are timeless.

Upon completion of the course the students will develop an understanding of the dynamic environment of international financial markets, the primary financial securities markets including bonds, stocks, and derivatives, the principles of security valuation and methods for combining these underlying assets into a portfolio.  The students will produce a portfolio of international stocks and monitor them throughout the voyage and produce a multi-media presentation.


Field Work

Country: China
Day: 2 Hong Kong
Date: February 5, 2018

Markets never sleep and neither does the most powerful market platform in the world that provides live coverage of the world’s financial markets. Students will visit the Asian headquarters of the most powerful financial data and media firm and tour the analytics desk and the television recording studio. Bloombergs’s award winning architecture is located on some of the world’s most expensive real estate, overlooking Victoria Harbor. The building design includes the Curio Stair of Encounters that was designed “ to allow for moments of chance encounters, of pause and informal conversations,” and was intentionally designed to the only vertical connection to its three floors to encourage connections between its professionals.

Learning Objectives:
1. Students will meet with Bloomberg representative and tour office to see a demonstration of a Bloomberg Professional Platform and learn how Bloomberg’s unique trading platform and news delivery has transformed the way securities are analyzed
2. Students will learn how Bloomberg has developed a world-wide system to deliver financial news
3. Students will gain an understanding of Bloomberg’s world-wide state of the art financial systems have opened opportunities for developing countries.