Psychology of Human Sexuality

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Bloom
Credits: 3

Field Work: Psychology of Human Sexuality
Prerequisites: One (1) lower-division general psychology course or one (1) lower-division individual and family development course AND of junior academic standing Download Syllabus

The Psychology of Human Sexuality is a course for the mature adult. This is a broad-based class that starts with basic anatomy and evolves into topics important in understanding a diverse range of sexual behaviors and relevant physical and psychological correlates. Topical areas include cultural perspectives on sexuality, research in human sexuality, hormones, conception, childbirth, contraception, abortion, love, assault, orientation, response cycles, commercialization, dysfunction, transmitted diseases, flirting, ethics, and other relevant topics. Included in the class for Semester at Sea will be a presentation and discussion of sexuality and culture that is relevant to each of the countries on our voyage.

Field Work