Slavery in the Americas

Discipline: History
Instructor: Connolly
Credits: 3

Field Work: Slavery in the Americas
Prerequisites: The standard CSU prerequisites – three (3) history credits AND no fewer than 45 credits – have been waived by the instructor

The “peculiar institution” of slavery has greatly influenced the history and development of all of the Americas. That influence is widely felt today throughout, but especially in several of the countries that our Semester at Sea voyage will take us to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, and, most importantly, Brazil. The course will start by examining the Atlantic Slave Trade and its repercussions on Africa; the Iberian (Portuguese and Spanish) dependence on slavery in its Latin American colonies, including the encomienda labor system; slavery in the United States and its consequences; the movement to abolish the slave trade; and finally the long-term legacies of slavery in the Americas. There will be a special effort to make relevant connections to the countries in Latin America that we will visit, but at the same time the course will always try to also maintain a broader worldwide focus.

Field Work