Introduction to Social Psychology

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Barnes
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1355
End: 1510
Field Work: Day 4 in Oslo - Sunday, 20 July & Day 1 in Stockholm - Thursday, 31 July | Introduction to Social Psychology
Prerequisites: Introduction to Psychology or permission of the instructor Download Syllabus

Social psychology is the scientific study of social behavior, including the best of human
behavior (romantic attraction and helping) and the worst (aggression, prejudice, and
conformity). In this course we will use readings, discussion, and observation of behavior
on board the MV Explorer and in the cultures we visit to learn ways of exploring
social behavior. In particular, we will focus on cultural differences in nonverbal
communication, interpersonal attraction, conformity, and aggression. It is my hope
that you will acquire an understanding of research on social behavior as well as a new
perspective on social interaction across cultures–a different way of looking at your own
and others’ behavior.

Field Work

Day: 4 in Oslo - Sunday, 20 July & Day 1 in Stockholm - Thursday, 31 July

Please note that this unique field lab will take place in two parts, in two ports: Oslo and Stockholm. Part I. Oslo: Nobel Peace Center The first half of the Field Lab is a tour of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. The Nobel Peace Prize Center includes information about Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel Prizes.  Also included are photographs and descriptions of the backgrounds of Nobel Peace Prize winners.  The study of conflict and peacemaking and strategies for reducing prejudice and aggression are integral parts of social psychology. The class will tour the Center and students will be given time to collect information on Peace Prize recipients. For the Field Lab Report each student will construct a profile of one Nobel Peace Prize recipient, including a description of the methods used by the recipient to promote peace.  After touring the Peace Center, we will have lunch at or near the Peace Center before returning to the ship. Part II. Stockholm:  The Nobel Museum On the passage from St. Petersburg to Stockholm a representative from the Nobel Museum will meet with the class on board ship to orient us to the museum and its mission.  In Stockholm, after a brief ride to Old Town we will take a brief stroll through the medieval quarters. At the main square, Stortorget, we will visit the Nobel Museum dedicated to the memory of Alfred Nobel and celebration of all of his laureates. The Nobel Museum is located in one of the most beautiful 18th Century buildings in Stockholm.  We will take a guided tour of the museum, including a current exhibit on the influence of Nobel Prize-awarded achievements in shaping our contemporary world. Academic Objectives: 1.  To learn about the history of the Nobel Prize and the life of Alfred Nobel. 2.  To explore the lives of some recipients of the Peace Prize, and to learn about strategies for promoting peace across cultures. 3.  To understand the difficulty of peacemaking and to reflect on personal values concerning peacemaking and nonviolent resistance to oppression.