Special topics in ENLT: Literary Dialogues between the Caribbean and Central America

Discipline: English Literature
Instructor: Preziuso
Credits: 3

Field Class: Belize Download Syllabus

Considering the historical and socio-cultural complexity of the countries that the voyage will visit, the course wishes to challenge the conventional perceptions of these places that are still residues of the colonial legacies. It will do so through the examination of literary texts from the 20th and 21st centuries, that offer alternative cultural and historical ‘mappings’ of the areas where ‘Caribbean crisscrosses Central America’. We will read short stories, extracts from novels and poems by authors from the ports of call that offer interesting and varied portrayals of their countries of origin, but who also describe these countries either in dialogue with or clashing against the wider region of the Americas. Hence, the texts challenge the borders sanctioned by nation-states, by former colonialisms and by physical geography, and take us to cross-cultural sites that have often been under-represented in the literary imagination, even though they have defined the region as we know it.

Special Requirements:

Any prior college level English course or COI (Consent of Instructor)

Field Class

Country: Belize

The Field lab intends to present the students with a taste of the cultural and geographical diversity of Belize. Caracol possesses the attractive of being one of the most extensive Mayan archeological sites in the country and in Central America, while also being situated within the Chiquibul reserve. This is an area of outstanding biological diversity providing critical habitat for many endangered species and is the largest remaining intact tropical forest north of the Amazon.