Theatre at Sea: Rehearsal and Performance

Discipline: Drama
Instructor: Williams
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 15:10
End: 16:35
Field Work: Day 1 | Turkey Download Syllabus

This course will concentrate on the preparation necessary for public performance of the dramatic text, with all students both acting and directing in scene work. The class will be divided into groups of three, with each individual directing a scene using the other two members of the group as actors. Thus each group will produce three scenes. Lectures will be on the process and methodologies that are then expected to be put into practice in the actual rehearsals. Scenes are to be selected from the dramatic literature of the countries visited when possible, although original work devised by the students is encouraged, and works from the standard repertoire may be chosen. The instructor will be both lecturer and coach, and will be part of the rehearsals for each scene, critiquing and advising. The final exam will be the presentation of the scenes to the other members of the class, along with the handing-in of rehearsal journals, and other written work concerning analysis, scheduling, research, and evaluation of the final products. The experiences of the students both on board the ship, and on shore will be fuel for experimental exploration as these scenes are developed. Students in the course will see as much theatre in the ports of call as will be possible. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The student will gain insight into and experience of the practicalities of performance (memorization, performance anxiety, repetition, etc.), which will have to be dealt with successfully, and the student will experience the joy, the adrenaline-high, and the sheer fun of making theatre. The student will learn the demands of the discipline in preparing work for performance. The student will experience the roles of both actor and director in the realization of scenes. The student will understand the relationship between text and performance and this understanding will be put into practice.

Field Work

Country: Turkey
Day: 1

The “Whirling Dervishes” are a famous part of Turkish culture. The students will experience and seek to appreciate and understand how this variant of Islamic belief and practice uses both music and dance as a path toward enlightenment and revelation inside the context of deeply held expectations in the efficacy of religious ritual.