World History, 1500-Present

Discipline: History
Instructor: Keller-Lapp
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 2 | April 3, 2022 | Denmark
Prerequisites: None

The Making of the Modern World

This course will cover a number of the most important forces shaping the modern, globalized world – including trans-global connections and migrations of people, ideas, goods, institutions, disease, and institutions. Major themes include the Enlightenment and its alternatives; liberalism, democracy, and competing ideologies; revolutions and the concept of revolution; capitalism and industrialization; nations, nationalism, and national identity; imperialism, slavery, post- and neo-colonialism; the atrocities of modern warfare; gender and sexuality. The course will examine broad theories and debates about globalization and “Rise of the West” narratives and include the experiences of subaltern peoples who shaped and where shaped by these forces (i.e. the urban poor, women, racial minorities, colonial subjects, etc.) Lectures will focus on scholarly debates and theories; readings will provide close readings of primary sources and micro-histories.

Field Work

Country: Denmark
Day: 2
Date: April 3, 2022