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CSU’s College of Business Online MBA Tuition Benefit

Colorado State University’s College of Business now offers a tuition benefit for Semester at Sea alumni!

Semester at Sea alumni are eligible to receive a 10% tuition benefit when enrolling in the College of Business’s AACSB-accredited online MBA programs and select online graduate certificates.

Ethan Boyle, SP13 Alum

Ethan Boyle is a SAS alumnus who sailed in Spring 2013 and is currently enrolled in CSU’s program. He shares about his experience with the hope of encouraging other alums to take advantage of this great opportunity to further their education.

What would you say about your experience on SAS? Besides getting married, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I met a lot of awesome people during those four months, developed a new perspective of the world, and grew in my understanding of various cultures. The ship was one of the most educational and fun environments I’ve ever experienced. The experience is one I wish everyone could have, and I’m thankful to have done it.

What is your current job? Senior Manager at Connors Group. Connors Group is a medium-sized management consulting firm. I’m a leader on our Workforce Technology Services team, where we partner with retail, distribution, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare clients to configure, implement, and maintain workforce management software and systems.

Why did you choose to pursue an MBA? It mainly was a personal goal that I’ve had since my undergrad days. I have always wanted to get a graduate degree to grow my education, and an MBA was the perfect fit for my career track.  

What attracted you to the MBA program in the CSU College of Business? There were three primary reasons that I selected the CSU MBA program – the flexibility, value proposition (quality for the price), and that it was a Colorado school. I’ve lived in Colorado for a little over 2 years, and opted for a program that would better connect me to the state. I was initially aware of the program due to the partnership with Semester at Sea, and one of the marketing emails regarding that partnership is actually the reason that the idea of getting my MBA went from a goal on my to-do list to a serious search/plan to get started. 

What is the best thing about the Online MBA from CSU’s College of Business? I’ve really enjoyed the culture of the program. I’d use the words approachable, collaborative, and integrity to best describe my experience of the culture so far. I’ve noticed the “business for a better world” slogan lived out in the way the classes are taught. Secondly, I’ve been really happy with how applicable and “real-world” the class content has been. There’s a good mix of taking a bit of a dive into the theory, but then making sure the true focus in on real-world application.

What have you been able to apply from the MBA program to your current job? Leadership concepts to help me be a better leader and manager, and the understanding of various business functions to better relate to each function within my company.

Advance your career with an online MBA that’s ranked among the top 10 nationwide and top 25 worldwide through a college focused on using business for a better world!

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