Step 1

Review of applications

Staff applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of ISE staff and the executive dean of the voyage, while faculty positions are reviewed by ISE staff and the academic dean. The final hiring decision lies with the executive dean and the academic dean respectively.

You may submit an application for as many positions that you qualify for, and for as many voyages as you are available for.

Step 2

Interviews with finalists

If you are selected as a finalist for a position, you will be contacted for a telephone interview by an ISE screener, the academic or executive dean respectively.

If you are not selected for a voyage, once the position is filled, you will receive an email notification.

Step 3

Appointments made

Generally, staff appointments are made eight to twelve months prior to sailing, while faculty appointments are made ten to eighteen months prior. However, ISE reserves the right to fill any position at any time. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Competition for ISE positions can be very intense and we are often asked why one applicant is hired over another. Our aim is to build a team for each voyage that will work closely together to fulfill the mission of our program. Careful attention is given to how the staff and faculty members complement each other’s skills and personalities. For this reason, while you may be a qualified candidate, it may be difficult to be selected unless you have the flexibility to be considered for several voyages.

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