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Virtual Alumni Event

Ubuntu Hour: SAS Alumni Gathering with Dr. Bonnie Simpson

Event Overview
Are you as rational a shopper as you think? Join us for our November Ubuntu Hour: SAS Alumni Gathering to find out! This virtual event will consist of a Zoom webinar intended to transport us back to the shipboard union for the opportunity to listen in on a short presentation and then discuss the topic or our Semester at Sea experiences in general in smaller online discussion rooms afterwards. How are marketers leveraging psychology to shape your behavior? In this seminar, Dr. Bonnie Simpson will examine some of the psychological processes and marketing tactics that underlie consumer decisions, including practical ways to improve your shopping decision-making abilities. Spoiler alert: You aren’t as rational as you might like to think!
**Registered participants will receive a zoom link prior to the event.
About Dr. Bonnie Simpson
Dr. Bonnie Simpson is a consumer researcher – aiming to make the world a little bit of a better place through understanding why consumers act as we do. She’s most interested in how and why individuals engage in prosocial actions such as sustainable behaviours, charitable giving, and purchasing that supports social good. There is inspiration in our everyday actions – like why say no to a $2 donation request at the grocery checkout when you can afford to give? Her teaching often focuses in these areas – introducing students to marketing concepts that focus on how marketing shapes and is shaped by non-profits, sustainability, and the consumer’s daily life. Bonnie is Associate Professor, DAN Department of Management and Organizational Studies, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. She holds a PhD in Marketing, Master in Human Kinetics, and Bachelor in Sport Management. Bonnie has studied and taught in countries around the world – such as Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands – and loves how an international classroom brings new perspectives into collaborative applied learning. She sailed SP23 with her husband and two kids and hopes to be back aboard the World Odyssey in the future!

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