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Fall 2017 reaches final port of the voyage

As all voyagers know, Aloha means both “hello” and “goodbye”. So, as the MV World Odyssey arrives in the final port of the Fall 2017 Voyage, students are saying both hello to the beautiful state of Hawaii and starting to say goodbye to their journey around the world.

Voyagers will spend their one day in port exploring as much of beautiful Hawaii as possible. Voyagers enrolled in field programs are headed to explore¬†Oahu’s North Shore, taking in the stunning Valley of Rainbows, hike Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, and kayak, hike, and snorkel at Kualoa.

With the voyage coming to a close, this is the last chance for voyagers to attend field classes, and the rich biodiversity of Hawaii gives the Fall 2017 Oceanography course the opportunity to hike a volcano at Diamond Bay before going snorkeling.

Voyagers will return to the MV World Odyssey the same evening to begin finals week, and the final seven days of the Fall 2017 voyage before students, faculty, and staff disembark in San Diego.

Let’s hear it from Voyagers!

Joseph Jankowski, Environmental Studies major at Albright College

“I‚Äôm hiking Diamondhead Volcano with (Professor) Seabird‚Äôs Oceanography class, and then we‚Äôre going to go to a beach and snorkel. We‚Äôre doing a scavenger hunt, so it seems like it‚Äôll be a fun day. We‚Äôre looking for different kinds of fish, we‚Äôre looking for different kinds of signs from lessons that we‚Äôve learned in class where we can apply what we learned in class to what we‚Äôre seeing. So we‚Äôre looking at the different life we see on coral reefs, different algae you might see. Then at the end of the day we‚Äôre going to have a competition and everyone is going to present their best pictures of what we saw.”

“It’s really bittersweet. I’m really excited because I personally have traveled all over the U.S. This is my 44th state, so I’m excited about that. I’m also sad that this is our last port because I’ve enjoyed going around to all these different places with all these amazing people on the ship and I realize that means that after today I’m not really going to get that chance that I really have for the past four months.”

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