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Fall 2021 Voyage Cancellation

To the Semester at Sea Community:

We have made the decision to cancel the Fall 2021 Voyage. Our plans to sail this fall were made with the expectation that the European Union would open to tourists on June 1 and that multi-country cruise ship operations would resume this summer. 

Semester at Sea prides itself in the unique, personalized, and intimate opportunities typically available to our travelers. Unfortunately, vaccine distribution around the world has not gone as quickly as anticipated. Presently, cruise vessels are restricted by some port countries and there is a lack of clarity regarding the free movement of individuals within many of our intended port stops. For this reason, we are unable to provide certainty about the quality of in-country experiences available to our voyagers.   

In addition, Semester at Sea values its strong and positive working relationships with universities in the U.S. and internationally. Many of our university partners have canceled study abroad programs for the fall semester. While we are an independent non-profit company, we rely on our valued partnerships to inform our activities, send us qualified students, and collaborate with us to provide a rich, safe, valuable student experience.  

Please note: An updated Spring 2022 Voyage itinerary will be announced on June 21, 2021. 

We hope to see you on a future voyage!

More than 95% of Semester at Sea alumni report that their Semester at Sea experience was one of the most valuable of their educational career and life. Our team is working hard to provide the type of hands-on and experiential learning opportunities our voyages are known for. The magic of Semester at Sea lies in our comparative, multi-country study abroad experience coupled with an unmatched community of reflection, support, and inquiry.  We hope you will join us onboard a future voyage.

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